P.J. Johnston is a media relations consultant, crisis communications specialist and political strategist. With more than 20 years of front-line media experience, Johnston provides expert services to a variety of individuals, businesses and nonprofit organizations, small and large governments, law firms, sports teams, health care organizations, political campaigns and elected officials.
A former journalist, P.J. Johnston has been a regular fixture in the news media since serving as a spokesman and later as press secretary for San Francisco Mayor Willie L. Brown, Jr., starting in the mid-1990s. 

In City Hall, Johnston was also the director of communications for the City and County of San Francisco, overseeing more than 50 public information officers, and managed communications during times of crisis, including the aftermath of 9/11, several labor strikes, a citywide electrical blackout, and the nation’s largest anti-Iraq War protests.

In 2004, Johnston opened his own consulting firm. Clients range from public agencies and state, county and local officials to private companies, law firms, developers, hospitals, nonprofit organizations, sports teams and trade associations. He has successfully led the public relations campaigns on several hotly contested projects and political battles.

Johnston has been brought in to help manage crisis situations including a corporate criminal corruption case, the disbanding of a Southern California city’s police department, and the nation’s second largest municipal bankruptcy.

Johnston has also served as an advisor and speechwriter for high-profile elected officials, including San Francisco Mayors Willie Brown and Ed Lee, California Attorney General Kamala Harris, and dozens of local officials.

In addition to his consulting work, Johnston served as the president of the San Francisco Arts Commission from 2004-2012 and is currently a member of the San Francisco Film Commission. He also serves as a trustee of the African American Arts & Culture Complex (AAACC) and is chair of the board of the 950 Center for Arts & Education.


It's about judgment.
P.J. Johnston will work with you and your team to put together a winning strategy, and then he'll help you implement it. Whether it's speechwriting, or negotiating with members of the media, or communicating directly to the public, Johnston has the years of experience and good judgment needed for success.
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